five reasons friend engineerSure, we may have teased our share of nerds in high school, but we’re adults now. We should be able to befriend just about anyone without fear of being excluded from the cool kids table. In fact, those kids you teased for being intelligent and logical may just be making some of the most important contributions to society and our communities. Many of the men and women in these fields were considered geeky growing up, but they have a lot to offer the world (and you). Here are five reasons why it pays to be friends with an engineer.

  1. Engineers are problem solvers: In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, “If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it ” Engineers live by that principle. In engineering, problemsolvingis a big part of daily life. The people in this field see problems more as challenges and less as obstacles. Whether you’re having a problem with something tangible, such as a broken dishwasher, or something a little more abstract, like picking a graduate school program, engineers are a great friend to turn to if you want advice or a fix-it partner.
  2. Engineers are highly logical: In conjunction with problem solving, engineers spend a lot of time in Spockmode. Most of their decisions in life have been highly logical and based on a process employing reason and looking for data to back up their decisions. It’s always a good idea to have a friend who’s got a good head on their shoulders. When you’re trying to make a decision and find your mind is clouded by emotion, call up your engineering friends. They’ll help you see the forest through the trees.
  3. Engineers enjoy figuring out new technology: You know those tech heads who always have to have the latest and great in technology? A lot of them are likely in some sort of engineering field. Engineers are often early adapters of technology because they enjoy seeing how something works. This carries over into hobbies. For example, if an engineer plays the guitar, they will likely have top-of-the-line gear and some pretty great gadgets to go with their guitar. If you like playing with adult toys and seeing the coolest in new gadgetry, an engineer friend is a real boon.
  4. Engineers are perfectionists: Because engineering employs a good deal of math, men and women in numerous engineering disciplines are accustomed to very low margins of error in their everyday life. After all, in engineering, if your calculations are off, a building could collapse or an electrical system could fail. If you’ve decided to take on some new household projects, invite your engineering friends to help (bribing with pizza and beer usually works). They’ll be on hand to make sure proper measurements are done and that everything is completed properly before they go home. They’ll stick it out until everything is working flawlessly.
  5. Engineers enjoy learning: A lot of us have a thirst for knowledge. Engineers in particular cannot stand it when they don’t understand how a concept or product works. They will spend time reading and researching until they are satisfied that they understand what’s going on. If you’re ever on CashCab and you need to phone a friend, make sure that friend is an engineer.