TD-ASDW-PWBThe same concepts and challenges in the application of sustainable design in modern buildings apply equally to the design of electrical substations. If your business is substation construction or design, you should make plans to join us for the first of our 2014 Advanced Substation Design Webinar Series.

We’re partnering with Transmission & Distribution World magazine to offer this series of eight free webinars, which will focus on advanced design concepts for complex substation projects. If you’re responsible for thought leadership, design excellence or constructed value of greenfield substation projects, then this series of webinars is can’t-miss.

I’ll be presenting the first webinar in the series, titled “Sustainable Design” at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific on January 22, along with my colleague, Marshall Bird.  With multiple sustainability-related credentials, we’ve both played a large role in spearheading internal efforts in an industry that typically lags in sustainable design. We’re convinced it’s only a matter of time before greater restrictions and sustainable design concepts will be required by utilities and stakeholders. It’s our goal to arm attendees of this session with the information they need to help their own organizations get out in front of the inevitable evolution of the industry and give them insights to set these changes in motion.

During the hourlong session, we’ll explore the sustainable opportunities available in substation developments and discuss the conceptual design of a green substation. Initiatives and studies by our team have a framework through the EnvisionTM sustainable design rating system and tool. We’ll review this conceptual design through the lens of EnvisionTM and discuss the benefits of such a project.

Registrations for the January webinar are open — head over now to secure your place for this event. Be sure to bookmark the series schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on future webinars. The webinars will be available to registrants on demand at a later date.

Will Kirby is a transmission engineer in Burns & McDonnell's Transmission & Distribution global practice. His expertise is in design and analysis of overhead transmission and distribution lines, including line design and routing, structure design and configuration, structure loading, and the coordination and management of disciplines on projects. His work also includes a focus on various software programs. You can find him on LinkedIn  or connect with him via email.