best in class project performance tipsWithout a doubt, we all want our projects to perform at the highest level from beginning to end, and deliver all project objectives as planned--or better. And when it comes to capital projects, best-in-class performance is critical.

So how do you get there? Start by asking questions that will help drive your best-in-class strategy. These include:

  • How do we know what the highest level is?
  • What are the benchmarks of success?
  • How do we adhere to proven best practices of project management in order to deliver predictable results?
  • How do we know what project practices are really the best?
  • Once we identify those practices, what is the best way to implement them in our organization or project team?

Industry Leadership in Capital Projects

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) has identified processes and/or methods that, when executed effectively, lead to enhanced project performance. These best practices have been proven through extensive research and industry use and/or validation. Some of the key components of enhanced project performance include:

So think about it as you move forward on your next capital project and are focused on delivering best-in-class performance. Start by asking the questions articulated above and getting your strategy in place, based on proven best practices.

About CII

The Construction Industry Institute, based at the University of Texas at Austin, is a consortium of more than 100 leading owner, engineering-contractor and supplier firms from both the public and private arenas. These organizations have joined together to enhance the business effectiveness and sustainability of the capital facility life cycle through CII research, related initiatives and industry alliances. A learning organization with a wealth of knowledge and information, CII is unique in the engineering and construction industry.

Noe Hernandez-Saenz is a member of the business development team for Burns & McDonnell’s Process and Industrial Group and is responsible for the company’s international expansion in the process and industrial markets. He also serves as co-chair of the Construction Industry Institute's Benchmarking and Metrics Committee.

Noé H. Sáenz is Mexico country manager for Burns & McDonnell and the founding president of the International Society for Mexico Energy (ISME). He has successfully led capital project engineering, EPC delivery and business development in the energy; oil, gas and chemical; and industrial manufacturing sectors in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.