Integrated design-build is the only form of project delivery that can keep pace with the high demands of the tech industry.

This fast-paced, constantly evolving world demands a nimble, accelerated deployment method for its largest investments. And nothing provides a lower cost of ownership and faster return on investment than reducing the schedule by up to 35 percent.

Data center clients typically maintain internal development teams, staffed with innovative and highly capable professionals. Many times these experts are reduced to officiating conflicts between the architects, engineers and contractors on their projects. With integrated design-build, those services are combined under one contract and implemented by a single entity. That means everyone works together in pursuit of the client’s singular goal — no refereeing, only swift progress.

The Need for Speed

Conventional wisdom says construction delivery methods developed a century ago are the way to go. But the data center industry is firmly focused on the future, not the past. Why rely on yesterday’s solutions when there’s a better option?

  • Streamlined Schedule: With integrated design-build, the overall schedule is compressed. The designer prioritizes the delivery of what code officials need for permitting. While that happens, the construction managers are hard at work so that when the permit is ready, pricing is, too. That gives more time for long-lead-time procurement items. There are no wasted motions because the team is always chipping away at the critical path to minimize the project’s total duration.
  • Reproducible Results: Clients in other markets have relied on this delivery method for multisite deployment. Economies of scale are maximized. Lessons learned are absorbed and instantly deployed on the next site, and client representatives need to communicate a message just once.
  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Data centers are challenging even when everything goes smoothly. When it doesn’t, unexpected issues can be catastrophic. An integrated team can overcome roadblocks without slowing the schedule. Having a world’s worth of specialists under one roof is insurance, capable of solving issues ranging from power generation to environmental studies.

From telephones to smart phones and from newspapers to the internet, we’ve welcomed processes and technologies that help us do work better and more efficiently. It’s time data center projects benefit from the same progressive approach.


Data centers are storing and processing more information than ever, connecting us all to critical systems. These facilities must be resilient, high-performing, energy-efficient, flexible, scalable and reliable.

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