With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are under stress like never before with project shutdowns or delays and potential layoffs or reduced staff. An integrated program management team and project management office (PMO) can supply some much-needed flexibility for organizations to develop a feasible solution for changing project schedules in response to uncertain times.

Executing a Strategic Plan
A developed PMO model is able to assess an organization’s financial portfolio to determine how best to allocate resources for upcoming requirements, even with diminished, reallocated and/or qualified resources. A common challenge many organizations are facing is a reduced ability to complete daily functions, whether due to limited in-person interactions as a result of social distancing, or because of a lack of ability to travel.

The PMO model provides organizations with timely and accurate information needed to develop a strategic plan for getting or keeping projects on schedule and within budget. The adaptable model provides organizations with the ability to quickly shift, refocus or reprioritize in response to a changing environment, regardless of whether the impact is a result of a pandemic, weather event or natural disaster.

Facing the Unknown
Resource availability can fluctuate for many organizations, often due to changes outside of their control. A PMO model conducts an assessment to provide clients with accurate and reliable data to make important strategic decisions impacting their organization. An outside team conducting the assessment of the organization can provide an unbiased opinion informing resource allocation recommendations for continued project adjustment and successful program management.

While a PMO assessment of the organization reveals challenges the organization might face, it also provides encouraging information about the client’s team. The data produced from the assessment often reveals employees going above and beyond in an effort to deliver a quality product or service, which upper management may not be aware of prior to undergoing the assessment.

Additionally, once challenges are identified an organization can work with a PMO team to develop an actionable solution for continued successful program management. An experienced team has the knowledge needed to identify challenges, develop a solution and provide the implementation support unique to a client’s situation and upcoming project workload.


Project management is a complicated concept with many fluctuating aspects. See how an experienced organization can simplify the process.

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Thomas is a senior project manager at Burns & McDonnell. With a career spanning more than 20 years, he has extensive experience with consulting and implementing project management services and technology, including Primavera products.